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Even after the arrival of 5G internet, the speed will be less, these 4 reasons will be a speed breaker

New Delhi: 5G Speed ​​In India : Presently there is talk of 5G everywhere in the country and 5G network will soon be available for the use of common people in India and due to this there is an atmosphere of excitement among the smartphone users as well. The government and telecom companies are claiming that the 5G network will offer speeds up to 10 times faster than 4G. But aside from these claims, the reality is that on-ground 5G speeds can be slow. There are some special reasons behind this. Let’s learn about the 4 reasons that can slow down 5G speed. This includes 5G frequencies to 5G bands. See details

5G Frequencies:

5G frequency band auction has started in India. In this auction, different telecom companies will bid for different spectrum bands. Different speeds will be available on different frequency bands. That is, which frequency band your 5G smartphone is operating on will determine the 5G speed of your smartphone. Three types of frequency 5 bands may be available in India, with different speeds.

5G Network Density:

The network will become very important at the speed of 5G. Because, the coverage area of ​​5G frequency band is less than 4G frequency band. In such a scenario, more 5G networks will have to be installed than 4G. People switch easily from one place to another. Which will require more network for better speed.

Cheap Phones:

For high 5G speed, phone hardware plays an important role. That means the phone uses a powerful chipset and radio frequency. But cheap smartphones come with compromises in terms of hardware. Good components are not used in this smartphone. In 2021, iPhone 13 has emerged as the fastest 5G smartphone. So iPhone 12 has been the best 5G smartphone in 2020.

More 5G bands:

The more 5G bands a phone has, the more likely it is to get faster speeds. But, it is not yet decided which 5G bands will be supported in India. Its complete information is not available. The n75 5G band is likely to be available all over India.

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