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Even after making WhatsApp calls for hours, the data will not end, follow this cool trick

WhatsApp Tips and Tricks: Today we have brought information about such a trick for you, so that you can make voice calls on WhatsApp without worrying about running out of data. By adopting this trick, you can make WhatsApp calls for hours and your data will not run out quickly. 

New Delhi. WhatsApp Tips and Tricks:  WhatsApp is a platform that is widely used not only for chatting but also for voice and video calls. WhatsApp gives its users the facility of all the features, but this app generally cannot run without internet. If you call on WhatsApp, then a lot of internet is spent. Today we are going to tell you about such a trick, which will not end your data even after making WhatsApp calls for hours. 

WhatsApp calls spend so much data 

All WhatsApp users will know this thing that internet is required to make calls from the app. Regarding an old report by Android Authority, it has been written that a WhatsApp voice call uses about 720Kb of data every minute. Now in this way, if you talk on WhatsApp for a long time, then the data usage increases rapidly. Let us know how this data usage can be limited.

This awesome trick of WhatsApp 

If you are wondering how data can be saved even after making WhatsApp calls for a long time, then this trick can be very useful for you. You will be surprised to know that WhatsApp itself takes care of this and hence offers a feature that allows you to limit data while making calls. 

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save data like this 

To use this feature of WhatsApp, first open WhatsApp on your iPhone or Android smartphone and then go to the main settings of the app. Click on the ‘Storage and Data’ option given in the settings and turn on the option of ‘Use less data for calls’. In this way, at the press of a button, you can save internet usage on WhatsApp voice calls. 

Let us tell you that with the help of this feature, you can save data only when you make voice calls on WhatsApp. At present, WhatsApp has not released any feature to save data in video calls.


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