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Even after having cashless facility in the health card, money has to be paid for emergency treatment! Learn

Cashless Insurance Claim: Since the start of Corona Pandemic, there has been a lot of awareness among the people about health insurance policy. Nowadays, insurance companies are giving cashless insurance claim to their customers in which customers can pay for the expenses incurred in the treatment. No paperwork is required. In this insurance, the hospital and the insurance company together decide the treatment for cashless. Due to this, the policyholders do not have to make more rounds for the claim.

But in the last few times it has been seen that in the time of emergency there are many people who have not got this cashless facility in the time of emergency. Now the question arises that why you do not get this facility even after taking cashless facility. Know the reason behind this-

Why is cashless claim facility not available in case of emergency?
In most cases, patients get cashless facility, but in some cases cashless facility is not available. The reason for this is that to get the cashless facility, you must get pre-authorization done. After this you get the facility of cashless easily. In general, whenever you go to be shown in the hospital, then definitely go to the health card desk made. Give information about the date of your departure, treatment and all the things there. After this you will easily get cashless facility.

Pre-authorization takes so much time
It is worth noting that it also takes you 6 to 24 hours to get the pre-authorization facility. In such a situation, we do not have much time in case of emergency. In pre-authorization, the cost is first fully assessed and only then the approval is given. In such a situation, we do not have much time in an emergency. Because of this, people are often unable to take advantage of the facility of cashless in an emergency and you have to pay cash there. Later you can easily take a claim from the health insurance company.

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