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EV will charge itself while moving on the road, facility will be available first in this state

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This technology is currently being used as a pilot project in the country.Image Credit source: Freepik

The demand for electric vehicles is increasing rapidly in the country. Besides, charging stations are also being prepared rapidly to charge electric vehicles continuously. In such a situation, if someone tells you that now the electric vehicle will automatically charge while moving on the road, then at first you will find it a joke and then you will ask out loud that how will this be possible?

So sir, there is no need to worry, here we are going to tell you the complete details of the technology of electric vehicle charging itself while moving on the road. We will also tell in which state of the country this facility is going to be started first.

In which state will this facility be started?

The facility of charging electric vehicles while moving on the road will be started first in Kerala. For this, Kerala government is going to start a pilot project. In this project, the Kerala government will lay copper coils under the road, through which the electric vehicles will automatically get charged with the help of wireless charging technology.

When will this technology start?

KR Jyothi Lal, Additional Chief Secretary, Energy Department, Government of Kerala, said that there is a possibility that the Drive and Charge Rose project will start in the state from next year. He told that the Kerala government is also planning to work on vehicle to grid technology.

How will wireless charging technology work?

Wireless charging technology has recently been demonstrated in Italy by Fiat and Peugeot’s parent company Stellantis. In this technology, electricity will be transferred from the power grid to the copper coil laid under the road. These copper coils will remain charged with electricity.

In such a situation, if any EV passes through this road, after coming in contact with the copper coil, it will automatically get charged with the help of wireless technology. Let us tell you that building a 1 km road with copper coil will cost Rs 10 crore and there will be a reduction of 48 tonnes of carbon emissions per km. Work on this technology is also going on in America, Germany and France.

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