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EV sales in Australia tripled, Tesla Model 3 best-seller

The effect of the steps taken by the Australian government to increase the sales of electric vehicles is starting to show. The number of new electric vehicles in Australia has tripled. In the year 2021, this country registered sales of 24,078 EVs, while 6,900 EVs were sold in 2020. This means that in Australia, electric cars cover 2.39% of the new car market. Talking about the best selling car, Tesla Model 3 was the most bought in Australia. Last year 15,054 Tesla Model 3 cars were sold. This is 62.5% of the total EV sales. After this, 1388 units of MG ZS and 592 units of Mitsubishi Outlander were sold. Significantly, in the year 2021, Tesla delivered 9 lakh 36 thousand 172 electric cars worldwide.

According to the guardian Behyad Jafri, Chief Executive, EVC, said that these sales figures are a milestone in a market where EV sales are less than many years due to signals from the government.

“We have been waiting for years to reach 1 per cent sales,” Jafri said. Leaving this to go straight to 2 per cent is a big deal. He said that the reason for this increase in EV sales can be attributed to the policies launched by different states. It is worth noting that stamp duty exemption and other benefits are being offered on buying EVs in Australia.

Even after these good numbers, Beyhad Jafri says that a lot can still be done if the government supports. Despite covering 2.39% of the market, sales of electric vehicles in Australia lag behind other countries. For example, according to data from Schmidt Automotive Research, the electric vehicles market in Western Europe accounts for 11.2% per cent. Although it is only 3 percent in America, but it is higher than in Australia.

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On the other hand, the demand for EVs in the US and other countries is expected to increase this year. In such a situation, Australian companies are also looking for opportunities there. Tritium, a Brisbane-based company, may announce its new US factory in the coming weeks. It is planned to start by September. The company is working to make itself one of the world’s largest manufacturers of fast charging systems.


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