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EV maker Nio steps into mobile industry, may bring first phone in 2023!

Popular Chinese EV company Nio has entered mobile technology. Nio Mobile Technologies Co. Ltd is now official. The company is wholly owned by Nio and has increased the necessary regulatory requirements. The registered capital of the new company is $100 million. EV production and mobile technology are quite different. Some technology companies have considered diversifying into EV manufacturing.

The legal representative of the new Nio tech company is Qin Lihong, the co-founder and current chairman of Nio. The registered address of Nio Mobile Technologies is the Global Headquarters located in Anting, Shanghai. The new company is officially a software developer and AI hardware developer. It is the first of Nio’s growing subsidiaries specifically targeting the mobile technology business. The upcoming Nio phone is expected to arrive next year. The CEO of Nio was earlier seen saying that the company is planning to produce a mobile phone that will launch once a year.

With its more connected Nio EVs, Nio already has a lot to do in mobile technology. Models can take advantage of advanced technology to provide an immersive experience using the Nio EV. It is expected that when the Nio phone arrives, it will fit seamlessly into the Nio ecosystem and offer a great driving experience. There is no official statement from Nio yet on its smartphone plans.

In any case, a Nio phone can be a great gadget. It will largely be built on the unique design of the Nio EV. It will include great features that users may like. The Nio phone is expected to be less expensive than an iPhone.

Nio isn’t the first EV company in China to try to branch out into other areas of the technology market. Last year BYD launched a smartwatch that can be used to unlock its cars.

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