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Ethernet Switch Sales Up 7.5% YoY To $ 8.1 Billion

Experts of the analytical company IDC have summed up the results of the third quarter of 2021 in the Ethernet switch market. They claim that sales rose 7.5% year over year to reach $ 8.1 billion. Sales of enterprise-grade routers grew 4.7% year-on-year to $ 3.8 billion.

Analysts note that sales of Ethernet switches in the past three quarters of 2021 exceeded sales in the same period last year by 8.6%. If we compare the figure for the third quarter with the figure for the second quarter, it turns out that in quarterly terms, sales grew by 9.3%. Interestingly, compared to the third quarter of 2019, when the pandemic had not yet begun, the growth is 9.6%. IDC experts see this as an “indicator of strong natural growth” of the market.

Cisco continues to lead the Ethernet switch market. Although it reduced sales by 1.3%, at the end of the quarter its share is 45.4%. In the enterprise router market, Cisco sales rose 10.7% to a 37.5% share.

The second place in the Ethernet switch market went to Huawei. Having increased sales by 11.4%, it occupies 10.7% of the market. Huawei’s share of the router market is 28.1%.

This is followed by Arista Networks, H3C and HPE and Juniper. An idea of ​​the distribution of the Ethernet switch market is given by the diagram:

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