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Ethereum co-founder called this veteran ‘Joker’, know why?

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin called MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor a “total clown” in a recent tweet. Let us tell you that in a recent video, Seller had called Ethereum, the world’s second largest cryptocurrency, as unethical. Seller criticized the ethics of Ethereum in the video, to which Buterin retaliated.

Replying to a tweet on Twitter, Vitalik Buterin called Michael Seller a complete joker. He wrote in the tweet, “Why do maximalists keep choosing heroes who are completely clowns?” As we mentioned, in a recent podcast Michael Seller talked about Ethereum question of ethics and termed this cryptocurrency as immoral.

In the podcast, Seller claimed that the security laws have their basis in the Decalogue (10 Amendments), a set of biblical principles related to morality and worship. “The basis of securities laws is that you will not lie, cheat or steal. That is the basis of the law,” Seller said. Therefore, he does not follow the popular argument that securities laws are out of date.

This is why sellers consider Ethereum to be inherently immoral. U Today’s accordingIn another podcast earlier this month, he raised questions about the security of Ethereum.

In June, the microstrategy boss also said that the “horrific parade” that actually harmed bitcoin urged the government to regulate the broader cryptocurrency industry.

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