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ETH whales sell 323 trillion Shiba Inu tokens, slip to number 5 in top holdings

Crypto whales can influence the price of any digital token. They have such an amount of token reserve that they can affect the demand and supply of tokens in a big way. A whale tracking platform has given similar news for Shiba Inu as well. According to the platform, Ethereum whales have sold a large number of Shiba Inu tokens. According to the data released by the platform, whales have sold 323 trillion Shiba Inu tokens.

According to WhaleStats, a platform that tracks the activity of crypto whales, 100 large Ethereum whales have sent, or sold, 323,362,974,939 Shiba Inu tokens back to the market. The value of these tokens is said to be around $4 million. Prior to this, whales held tokens worth $151,728,733. Now this figure has come down to $ 147,532,685. The share of Shiba Inu in their portfolio is now only 5.13%.

shiba inu world’s second biggest meme cryptocurrency Is. Until about three weeks ago, the Shiba Inu was ranked first in the top 10 holdings for Ethereum whales. Now after the sell-off, its position has already been reduced to fifth. That is, it has slipped to number 5 in the top cryptocurrency held by Ethereum whales. Talking about the holders, Shiba Inu has 1,213,828 holders.

At the same time, if you look at its price trend, today i.e. on September 1, the trade opening of Shiba Inu has happened with a fall. The first day of the month has brought downfall for the Shiba Inu. Today, a loss of 2.11% is visible in its price. Indian exchange Coinswitch on Kuber at the time of writing shiba inu price 0.000963 was at Rs. one day before shiba inu price There was a marginal increase of 0.20% in The impact of the token sale by whales on its price will be seen in the coming days.

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