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Espionage revealed through Whatsapp, suspicion on some military officers, investigation started

A case of spying through WhatsApp group has come to the fore. Some military officers are suspected to be involved. It is believed that he was spying for neighboring countries. Intelligence agencies have exposed this cyber security breach. According to the news agency report, while responding to ANI’s query on the issue of cyber security breach, defense sources said that the military and intelligence agencies have detected the cyber security breach by some military officials. It is likely to be linked to espionage related activities on behalf of the neighboring country. According to the information, this breach has been detected on some WhatsApp groups.

Action is being taken against the officials against whom the allegations have been made. ANI sources in this matter where is that the matter is being investigated. Such cases are dealt with in a strict manner, as military officers come under the Official Secrets Act. According to sources, the strictest action will be taken against all the officers found guilty in this investigation.

In recent days, suspected Pakistani and Chinese intelligence operatives have tried to connect with military personnel on social media platforms to obtain sensitive information related to the army and its activities. However, most of his attempts have failed. Despite this, he manages to gather information from some military personnel and entrap them in his trap. To prevent such cases, officials are asked to follow the rules while using social media.

On the other hand, if we talk about some new features related to WhatsApp, this platform has told that in the coming days, 32 people will be able to connect in group voice call simultaneously. Along with this, people will also be able to share files up to 2GB in size. This feature will become more powerful by connecting 32 people simultaneously in a group voice call. Currently, only 8 people can join a group voice call. In the coming days, another special feature will be added to WhatsApp, after which the group admin will be able to delete any message of the group at any time. That conversation will not be visible to the rest of the group members.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of WhatsApp-owned Meta Platforms, said in a post recently that we are adding new features to groups on WhatsApp. These include React, large file sharing and large group calls. This information has also been given by WhatsApp in its blog post.

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