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eSanjeevani App: Free treatment will be done sitting at home, just apply online like this

New Delhi. e-Sanjeevani app is a government tele-medicine app, which has emerged as a life saver. PM Modi himself has praised this app. This is a free tele-medicine app, which any common income person sitting at home can consult a doctor for free. This app has been downloaded more than 100 million times. If you also want to do free treatment sitting at home with this app, then let us know how this app can be used.

how to use

  • This app is available for both Android and iOS users. In this case, the app can be downloaded from Google Play Store and App Store.
  • Verification will have to be done after downloading the app. For this you have to enter the mobile number.
  • After this, registration has to be done on the app.
  • For this, first you have to choose your state.
  • After this one has to choose between General OPD and Specialty OPD.
  • Then which location you want to be treated in OPD has to be selected. After this the mobile number has to be verified.
  • For this, your mobile number OTT will come, which will have to be entered.
  • Then eSanjeevaniOPD will have to enter the required information like full name, email, gender and age information.
  • After this, along with selecting the state, district and city, the address and pin code will have to be entered and the health record will have to be entered.
  • If there is no health record, still you can generate Token.
  • For this, a confirmation message will come on your registered mobile number.
  • First download the e-Sanjeevani app from Google Play Store or App Store
  • After opening the app, register yourself in it.
  • OTP will come on the mobile number given for registration. enter the.
  • After registration, options will appear in front of the patient. Choose the given option according to your merge.
  • As an option, options like Physician, Orthopedic, Skin, Dent, Gynae and Neuro will appear.
  • After the selected option take e-consultation from the doctor through video conferencing.


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