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EPFO ALERT! Why did EPFO ​​message to 6.5 crore people, what information was given?

EPFO ALERT!: If you are also a salary employee then this is important news for you. EPFO has alerted 6.5 crore people and given some important information under PF account. EPF manages the money deducted by the salary employee. Keeping this in view, has alerted its members about cyber crime.

EPFO has told that many cases of fraud (Fraud in PF Account) have come to the fore in the name of PF account. Fraudsters are asking for personal information of people in the name of EPFO ​​(EPFO News) through phone calls and messages and are making them victims of fraud. In such a situation, EPFO ​​has advised to be alert.

How much amount is deposited under pf account

EPFO collects the Retirement Fund for the retirement of the employees. Under this, money is deposited on behalf of both the company and the employee. Under the EPF account, 12 percent amount is deducted from the basic salary of the employees and the same amount is deducted from the company. 8.1% interest is given annually on this amount deposited every month. When the retirement age is reached, the amount is paid to the employees.

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Be alert on such messages and calls

If you also get a message or call from EPFO, then be alert, because it can also be for the purpose of fraud. EPFO gave information on tweet that do not give information about Aadhaar card, PAN number, UAN and password. Also does not ask for account number, OTP and personal information. Apart from this, also does not ask to share such things through WhatsApp and other social media. Told not to reply to such messages.

EPFO had reduced the interest

Employees’ Provident Fund Organization had reduced the interest given to employees under PF account from 8.5 per cent to 8.1 per cent. This is the lowest level in 40 years. The lowest interest was 8 per cent during 1977 to 78.



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