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Environmentalists flew to the meeting in private jets and littered the atmosphere even more

First of all, this concerns the air transport on which the participants arrived at the event. “How was it necessary to harm the environment by protecting it?” – note the critics of the summit.

According to climate activist Joel Scott-Hulks of Animal Rebellion, a lot of meat and fish were used at the event, which is ironic given the fact that raising livestock has a significant carbon footprint. He pointed to the hypocrisy of this approach to “protecting” the environment. According to Hulks, it’s like serving cigarettes at a lung cancer conference.

But he was not alone in his criticism. The company in charge of the participants’ menu described each dish in terms of its carbon footprint. This was an attempt to educate the participants in the summit and, possibly, influence their choice.

According to their owls, animals or fish are raised for each dish, ingredients are prepared, and before the finished product enters the table, a certain amount of carbon is released into the atmosphere. When we weigh it, one of the traditional Scottish dishes “weighs” 7.5 pounds, or 3.4 kg.

According to the company, a vegetarian diet is “the most effective way to reduce emissions.”

At the same time, Hulks noted that the completely reckless inclusion of meat, dairy and seafood on the food menu at the summit is compelling evidence that the UK government is unable to understand the root cause of the climate crisis.

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