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Enthusiasts found a prototype of the canceled TimeSplitters 4 [VIDEO]

TimeSplitters is one of the franchises whose sequel is not destined to see the light of day due to the closure of the development studio. But thanks to enthusiasts, you can see what the fourth part of the series would look like.

Users were able to obtain the PlayStation 3 devkit, on which the prototype of TimeSplitters 4 was recorded. The build dated November 7, 2008 contains one of the levels in the style of the Middle Ages, where you can fight with opponents.

Let us remember that the TimeSplitters trilogy from the Free Radical Design studio was published from 2000 to 2005. In 2009, the company was closed due to the disastrous results of other games, but in 2021 news appeared about the revival of the studio. However, fans’ dreams of a fourth installment were quickly dashed as the developers were laid off again as part of a restructuring at Embracer Group.


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