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Enthusiast adds CarPlay support to Tesla

Tesla’s EV infotainment system is great in many ways, but it doesn’t support Apple CarPlay. This does not mean, however, that enthusiasts cannot add support. One such attempt was reported by a source.

Polish user Michal Gapiński (Micha? Gapi?ski) posted photos and videos of his work on Twitter, showing how Tesla works with Apple CarPlay. The video shows Apple Maps, Apple Music and more working.

At the same time, it was not necessary to make any changes to the Tesla hardware. Instead, the enthusiast bypassed Wi-Fi restrictions by allowing the Tesla Browser to connect to an additional device. As a result, the Tesla infotainment system shows a live video feed from the host device. The developer explained that the system uses a Raspberry Pi single-board computer with a special version of Android. The Android build used can run CarPlay, which allows you to display the entire system on a large display.

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However, the system is not perfect. As the developer notes, the Wi-Fi connection needs some work to improve the smoothness of the display. He also says that when this is done, he plans to open the development to the general public.



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