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Enjoy dual screen by connecting old desktop to laptop, just follow these steps


By adding two different screens to the laptop, it can be run simultaneously.
For this, go to the setting in the Windows operating system and turn on multi screen.
With this, you can paste pictures and videos from one screen to another.

new Delhi. In laptop, you can enjoy two screens simultaneously. If you also have an extra desktop, then you can use the screen of both by connecting it to the laptop. For this you will need VGA cable power cable as well as many other things. Not only this, you can turn on multi screen set up by going to the settings of the Windows operating system. It is not possible to use both screens simultaneously without turning it on.

After setting up multi screen, you can also do different things in both. Many times people want to keep 2-3 windows open at the same time, but they are unable to do so due to the small screen size.

these things will be needed
To set up multi screen you will need some things. The most important of these is to have an extra desktop or monitor. Along with this, you can buy VGA cable to HDMI and power cable from the market. If you have an extra adapter, you can also use it for multi setup. Along with this, a separate board will be required. To turn on the other desktop, it is very important to connect it to electricity.

Connect like this
To use multi screen in any laptop, first of all plug the power cable into the board.
If you have an extra monitor, you can also use it for multi screen.
Now plug the HDMI cable into the laptop. After this connect this cable to the desktop i.e. monitor. After the light comes on both the screens, click on the setting of the laptop. After this turn on the multi screen setup.

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Do this setting in laptop
To turn on the multi-screen setup in the laptop, go to Settings and click on Display. Apart from this, you can go to the direct display setting by right clicking on the desktop. Now go down to the Rearrange your display section and click on multiple displays. Here click on extend these display and make it OK. Now you will see two options Keep Change and Revert. Double click on the key change. Now you can work on two screens at the same time.


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