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Engineering students made electric bike, 350 km range and 120 kmph top speed!

New startups have been stepping into the electric two-wheeler market one after the other. The demand in this segment also seems to be increasing for some time now. Not only the leading two-wheeler companies, but now students also want to try their hand in this market. An example of this is Mazout Electric, started by a team of students from Delhi Technical University (DTU). This team has created India’s first AI (Artificial Intelligence) equipped electric cruiser motorcycle. The team has entered the field with an aim to compete with many existing giants like TVS, Bajaj, Ola, Hero Electric in the coming times. The biggest feature of Mazout electric bike will be its long range and strong power. The team claims that in the future, this electric bike will be able to cover a distance of up to 350 km in a single charge. Its top speed is said to be 120 kmph.

Mazout Electric is built by a team of engineering students from DTU. Mazout’s design of this first electric cruiser motorcycle equipped with this artificial intelligence is somewhat similar to the Suzuki Intruder. team official Website But some information about this electric bike is also available. This electric cruiser bike can give a range of 350 km on a full charge. The top speed of the bike is 120km/h.

A YouTube channel called Electric Vehicles posted a member of Mazout’s team. Interview Also taken, where all the information about this bike has been given. Apart from this, the design of this bike can also be seen in full in this video. The motorcycle seen in the video is actually his second prototype and he is currently working on the software part of the motorcycle. Currently, this bike has been named Mazout, but the team member says that its name can be changed till the launch of the final model.

The team is currently working on fitting a 25kWh battery pack to the motorcycle, which will offer a longer riding range. If Mazout Electric manages to do so, the motorcycle will have a range of between 300-350 kms. This bike will support AC and DC fast charging and the battery pack can be charged 0-100 percent in 6 hours.

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At present, no information has been provided about its exact price, but in the video, the team member can be heard talking, where he has said that the bike may cost more due to the long range custom battery pack. He expects the price to be between Rs 3 lakh and Rs 3.5 lakh.


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