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Energy crisis may increase this summer, know how much power consumption can reach

Energy Crisis In India 2023: Winter season is over in the country. Also, from the month of March, a good heat will start. Right now in February itself, the temperature has started going up to 30 to 35 degrees in some parts of the country. Due to this, fans have started running in the houses. Due to this, the demand for electricity has increased in these cities, which is being seen at a record level as compared to last year. In the coming months of March to June, the power supply may suddenly increase further. Know how much problem you can face in this summer.

Consumption was so much in January

In January 2023 this year, the demand for electricity reached 211 GW. This consumption has been at a higher level than last summer. Now with the removal of restrictions related to Corona Pandemic in the country, the heavy industry has started once again. Be aware that at that time the 122-year-old heat record was also broken.

Power consumption will increase

According to the Indian Meteorological Department, due to unilateral increase in heat in the country, farmers can suffer a lot. That’s why farmers have been asked to check wheat and other crops. The hot season has started unusually. At the same time, due to the vigorous sale of irrigation pumps and air conditioners in the country, electricity consumption may increase. If this continues, then there may be a problem in the country’s energy network.

there will be so much demand

Power stations using imported coal in the country are already making efforts to avoid summer blackouts. At the same time, in view of the supply of domestic coal, orders have been given to work at full capacity for 3 months. According to sources, the demand for electricity is expected to reach 229 GW in April 2023.

This much demand has increased only in Delhi

According to the data of the Delhi Load Despatch Center, the maximum demand of electricity in the capital Delhi was 5,247 MW at 10.56 am on a day in January. According to power companies, this demand has been the highest in the month of January in two years. Rather, this winter has seen the highest demand so far. Last year, the maximum demand for electricity was 5,104 MW in the month of January 2022 and 5,021 MW in 2021. However, in 2020 it was 5,343 MW.


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