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Emirates criticized Boeing for quality: the airline for the first time in history made its engineers control the collection of aircraft

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Head of the airline Emirates, Tim Clark, expressed criticism in the address of the American company Boeing, pointing to the deterioration of the quality of its aircraft.

As writes «Investia», in an interview with the Financial Times he recalled the scandalous story with the Boeing 737 MAX, in which during the flight an emergency exit was opened.

Clark noted the significant deterioration in the quality of the company’s aircraft and announced that his airline would for the first time send its own engineers to oversee Boeing’s production lines.

Photo: Reuters/NTSB

President Emirates underlined that the need for such measures testifies to serious changes in the quality of aircraft Boeing: «The fact that we have to do this is evidence of what has happened. In earlier times it would not have been sanctioned.

Clark expressed concern about the current state of affairs at Boeing and said that the company had one last chance to correct its mistakes.

Recall, in early January the Boeing 737 MAX 9 was forced to return to Portland Airport due to dehumidification. After what in USA 171 aircraft landed Boeing 737 MAX 9, Federal Civil Aviation Administration of the United States (FAA) Temporarily limited expansion of production of airliners Boeing 737 MAX in connection with the scandal,

As previously reported by the newspaper The Wall Street Journal with reference to sourcesThe bolts, required to secure the doors of the Boeing 737 MAX 9 airliner aircraft, were not installed in place when the aircraft left the Boeing factory.

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