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Elon Musk’s Optimus robot could be a threat to factory workers’ jobs

American electric car maker Tesla is rapidly working on a project to build humanoid robots and fully self-driving cars. More information about this will be given on the company’s second AI Day on Friday. In this, some big advantages of artificial technology can be shown in the coming years.

Company Chief Executive Elon Musk Tesla Bot Was informed about it earlier on AI Day. It is a humanoid robot codenamed Optimus. Last year some specifications were revealed about it and a dummy was dressed up as an Optimus to show what it might look like. Musk postponed the prototype of the physical Tesla Bot for the second AI Day. Job advertisements from Tesla suggest that the company is hiring engineers to make humanoid robots that can move. There are plans to make wheeled models of it to work in factories. However, this project may take several years to complete.

Musk has said that such robots working with artificial intelligence can reduce jobs for workers in factories. Apart from this, these robots are also likely to work as an assistant. Tesla has not given information about the broadcast of the AI ​​event. It can be streamed on Tesla’s YouTube account. The company had earlier broadcast AI Day in a similar way. Musk also shows the events of his spacecraft-related company SpaceX in a similar way.

Tesla is getting tough competition from some other companies in electric cars. Recently, Chinese automobile company BYD has sold the highest number of electric vehicles (EVs) globally, beating Tesla. BYD sold around 3,54,000 EVs in the second quarter of the current financial year with an annual growth of 266 per cent. in the period Tesla Its sales stood at around 2,54,000 units. According to Counterpoint’s Global EV Sales Tracker, total sales of these vehicles grew by 61 per cent year-on-year to 2.18 million units in the second quarter. China tops this market with 12.4 lakh units. In China, this sales grew by about 92 percent on a year-on-year basis. Europe and America were ranked second and third. This is the first time that an automobile company has surpassed Tesla in EV sales.

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