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Elon Musk’s new bawal, will be a 150 crore twitter account; Is your not there?

Elon Musk: Tes la CEO Alan Musk (Elon Musk ) is constantly doing shocking work after the twitter has been acquired for $ 44 billion. At first they did not give thousands of workers the job in one stroke. They then issue an e-mail message to all employees coming to Lia Raste of Ai Si of Is or arriving off. There was criticism in all his times for not hiring workers like this. He sent his work to his e-mail, saying that we have to make Twitter 2.0 in the coming times.

Alan Musk’s shocking tweet
Now Alan Musk has another shocking tweet. He said in his tweet that he will quickly delete the 1.5 B il ion ( 150 crores ) Twitter account from the company. With this move of the company, the name of 150 crore account will be empty. They will clear such an account under this company’s proposal in their tweet, Jinse kisi type tweet no qiya or have not been logged in for years.

Taj Chha of Dun Aiya’s richest Shakhs
Let me tell you, there are many such accounts in Twitter space, only once after the user has created the login. There are many such accounts, not a single tweet was taken from them and they have not been logged for years. There are also cases that the user forgot the password and he created another account. On the other hand, the crown of the richest shakhs of Dun Aiya has also been crowned from Alan Musk ( Elon Musk ).

185 b il ayen dollar mas
Bernard Arnault’s complement in Forbes’s Rial Time Bielenier Index has increased to 186.2 B ill ion dollars. At the same time, the complement of Alan Mas is 185 b il aian dollars. On the other hand, the twitter user is going to be an eye executive, the twitter under the user will give the users a blue tick with money. The company will take $ 7 every month from Twitter’s Blue Tic’s L’E user ( Rs 570 in India ).

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