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Elon Musk’s haste drowned! One mistake of Twitter, the company lost 1,123 billion


New Delhi. Since Elon Musk became the Twitter Chief, Twitter is constantly going through major changes. Elon Musk took many big decisions one after the other with the aim of getting the company profit as soon as possible. This included layoffs of Twitter employees as well as $8 decisions for Twitter Blue Tick. But perhaps Elon Musk hastened to implement these decisions and forgot to do the ground work. This is the reason why another pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly has to bear the brunt of charging $8 blue tick without preparation from Elon Musk.

Eli Lilly lost 1,123 crores
Let us tell you that Eli Lilly is a pharmaceutical company in America, which makes insulin. The company has a verified account named @LillyPad. But someone got a blue tick on Twitter with the handle @EliLillyandCo by paying $8. After this, it was announced to give free insulin. Being bluetic, the tweet about free insulin soon went viral. Due to which the shares of the company fell. This caused a loss of 1,123 billion to the company.

Fake Twitter handle has been verified
Twitter has implemented Twitter Blue subscription in many countries including the US. Under this, a blue tick is being given by taking 8 dollars. However, taking advantage of this, many fake accounts also got blueticks. Twitter has verified many fake Twitter handles named Donald Trump, Pepsi, Nestle. Elon Musk soon put a stop to this decision taken in a hurry. Also, several fake verified Twitter handles were suspended. But by then it was probably too late. That is why it is said that decisions taken in haste are harmful.

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