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Elon Musk’s entry in Twitter, work pressure increased, employees are sleeping in the office

New Delhi: Twitter Employees : Elon Musk is once again in the news as soon as he became the owner of Twitter. After this deal, some people are criticizing him, while others are praising him. Many social media experts have even claimed that Twitter is dead. But Musk, on the other hand, has said that Twitter is the most interesting place in the internet world. Elon Musk bought Twitter for US $ 44 billion and after this deal, Twitter is said to be charging $ 8 for Blue Tick verification, which is about Rs 660.

Elon Musk said in a tweet on Wednesday that Twitter is the most interesting place on the Internet. That’s why you’re reading this tweet right now. According to Musk, people are getting more power for $8. Users who paid $8 to join Twitter Blue will get an edit button with a blue tick. In addition, spam will be avoided and ads will also appear 50 percent less. So, Elon Musk said in another statement that all users will get the facility to edit tweets for free.

Twitter employees slept in the office:

After Elon Musk became the owner, several reports claimed that he asked his employees to work all week. And they have also been asked to work for 12 hours after canceling the weekly holiday. Meanwhile, a photo of a female employee is going viral and it is claimed that this photo is from the office of Twitter. The female employee is seen sleeping on the floor of the office due to overtime work. Also, it is being said that overtime work is not being paid.

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