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Elon Musk’s dream shattered, rocket launch vehicle’s engine explodes, watch video

New Delhi: starship booster engine explodes in test: Alan Musk has suffered another blow after his deal with Twitter was canceled. Alan Musk’s company SpaceX’s Starship rocket launch vehicle reportedly exploded during a ground test. The blast took place in Rocket Launcher’s first stage super heavy booster. The blast occurred during the company’s Starbase facility test in South Texas. The explosion occurred in a prototype of Rocket Launcher Booster 7 – Super Heavy.

Flick Alan Musk

Alan Musk, founder and CEO of SpaceX, wrote on Twitter that this did not go well. This is a mistake. Our team is investigating the damage. Alan Musk said he never thought this would happen when the engine spin test started.

What is Starship
SpaceX is currently building a starship. which will carry people and cargo to the Moon, Mars and other planets and satellites in space. There are two elements available in this launch. It has a first stage booster at the front. On which there is Super Heavy and on the other part there is an upper stage spacecraft which is known as Starship.

Work is being done on a new engine

Its unique features are that both Starship and Super Heavy are designed in such a way that they can be reused. The rocket launch vehicle is powered by SpaceX’s new Raptor engine. SpaceX is currently preparing Booster 7 for its first Starship orbital test flight. According to, it will be built in the next few months. SpaceX has so far built several upper stage Starship prototypes for high altitude test flights. What’s more, in May 2021, a joint landing has also been done. But, SpaceX’s upcoming mission will send the starship vehicle Ship 24 into orbit. Which will be the first launch of Super Heavy.

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