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Elon Musk’s big bang as soon as he became the owner of Twitter! Brought smoky feature, know how to use

New Feature: As soon as Twitter took charge, Elon Musk has created panic and has started a new feature for the platform, this feature will give a new convenience to the users which they will like very much.   

Twitter Downvote Feature:  Twitter now completely belongs to Elon Musk, and Parag Agarwal has been removed from the post of CEO of the company and shown the way out. Let us tell you that after such a big change, a big change will be seen on Twitter, which has been done as a feature. Twitter users are going to get such a banging feature, due to which they will get a special convenience.

Which is the new feature of Twitter 

Let us tell you that now users will get to see a new feature on Twitter which has been named as Downvote. If you are trying to understand this feature by name then you will be confused because on hearing the name of down vote feature you will feel that it will be like dislike button found on YouTube but in reality it is not so. Actually earlier you must have seen that when you make a tweet, many times people make derogatory comments on it and due to this many users also have problems. To deal with this problem, this new down vote feature has been launched. After the arrival of the teacher, users will no longer have to use abusive comments and abusive language.

what is its specialty 

If you talk about the specialty of this feature, then if you do not like a person’s tweet, then you can download it on it. This feature has been launched in the market for the reply of the post, which will not insult anyone nor will allow the use of abusive language. You must have seen that on all Twitter posts, users comment directly in reverse and sometimes the language becomes so useless that even the person tweeting has a lot of trouble. It should not happen that keeping this in mind, this new big change has been made and it will benefit a lot of users, especially verified users are going to get a lot of help from this.

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