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Elon Musk will make humans Robot now! Putting this chip will make the mind superfast; There was a stir in the world

Brain Chip: Elon Musk is in constant discussion after owning Twitter, However, the subject of his discussion is quite different from the last few days and after knowing about it, you will probably be surprised. 

Brain Implant: Elon Musk is known for inventions. Whether moving into space or making a name in the world with your revolutionary electric cars, Elon Musk has proven itself in every respect. Elon Musk’s thinking goes far ahead and he has a good interference in the science world as well. Let me tell you that Musk has come into the discussion once again. The reason is not related to Twitter or Tesla this time, but this time there is a special kind of chip which they can put in their mind.

Actually Musk’s team is working on a chip that can increase human capacity manifold. Whichever chip is placed in the mind of a person, it will be able to work some haratanges like a robot, Or in easy language, that person will get super powers. This chip is applied in a straight mind which can make anyone like a robot.

Elon Musk can get into your own mind these chips 

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Let me tell you that Musk has a company named Neuralink. This company is very special because it is working towards improving human mind. The company has been working on a special kind of chip for a long time which can make human mind like a robot and due to this humans can do such things as So far it is not possible for any human being.

What works this chip 

You would be surprised to know that whoever puts this chip in the mind of someone will be able to do many things that you see as unequal. The person who has a neuralink chip in his brain will be able to control the devices without speaking, only through the use of the brain can he say what he says, Typing can also help them remember things. It is being said that Elon Musk can get these chips in his mind with the help of implant. 


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