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Elon Musk told what SpaceX prefers to remain silent. The billionaire named the number of active satellites of the Starlink system

SpaceX regularly reports on the number of Starlink satellites launched into orbit, but the company almost never says how many of them are actually operational. Now the head of SpaceX, Elon Musk, spoke about this.

His note on Twitter says that Starlink satellite Internet currently relies on the work of 1469 devices, although there are already about 2000 of them actually launched. As you can see, it’s not enough just to launch a satellite into space – it takes a lot of time to fully prepare and put it into operation. According to Musk, 272 devices are currently in the process of being put into working orbits, after which they will also be included in the work. Musk also said that in the near future laser inter-satellite communications will start working, which will significantly speed up data transfer. We wrote more about this in September last year..

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