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Elon Musk said this on the economy! Federal Reserve took this necessary step to stop the recession

Elon Musk on Recession in US: Twitter CEO and Tesla founder Elon Musk on Recession has recently given a big warning about the recession. According to Elon Musk, a great recession can be seen in the year 2023. Along with this, Musk also advised the Federal Reserve. Musk said that the Federal Reserve should take immediate necessary steps to stop this recession. It is very important for the Fed Reserve to reduce interest rates. Along with this, he said that in the last few years, the possibility of recession in the interest rates being increased by the US Federal Reserve has increased manifold.

Said this by tweeting
Expressing apprehension about the recession, Elon Musk replied to a tweet saying that I believe that in the year 2023, the Great Depression will be seen worldwide. The economy seems to be derailing. Along with this, he warned that by next year, there may be a storm of recession, which will affect the whole world. Along with this, Elon Musk said about the Federal Reserve that the interest rate hiked by the Federal Reserve is very worrying. This is helping in multiplying the recession.

Federal Reserve is once again considering raising interest rates
At the same time, Susan Collins of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston says that the Fed will continue its fight against inflation even further. Further, it is expected that the Fed Reserve can increase its interest rates by 75 basis points. Let us tell you that the Fed Reserve has continuously increased its interest rates since March this year.

The Fed has raised its key rate six times this year, from 3.75 per cent to 4 per cent, the most in 15 years. The thing to note is that the rising inflation in America has broken the back of the common people. In such a situation, the government and the Federal Reserve are constantly trying to control inflation.

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