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Elon Musk is preparing to implant a chip in people’s brain, trial will start in 6 months, know the whole matter

Elon Musk, the owner of the car maker Tesla, lives in the headlines. Another of his companies, SpaceX, is touching heights in space, while Allen has started walking in a new area by buying Twitter. Musk is not stopping here. He has many more projects in the pipeline. Important information has come to light about one of these. Elon Musk has announced that his brain chip interface startup ‘Neuralink’ will be ready for human trials in the next 6 months. The company has been doing this trial on animals for a long time. Now he has sought approval from the US government for human trials.

To put it simply, Neuralink is developing a device that will be able to control your computer, mobile phone or other device directly through brain activity. That is, you will be able to operate your smartphone by thinking. The most benefit of this device will be to the disabled people and those who are in the grip of paralysis.

For example, a person with paralysis will be able to operate his smartphone only by thinking. The coin-sized device has been named Link. The company told in a video last year how a monkey was seen playing a game using its mind. This chip was inserted in the mind of that monkey.

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Musk’s Neurolink says it aims to make life easier for people suffering from neurological disorders, although how successful it will be is not yet known. Earlier in February, Neuralink had revealed that many monkeys had also died during the experiment. The company was accused of animal cruelty. Although Musk dismissed the allegations.

The eyes of the whole world are on the Neuralink project. If someone had to lose his life during the trial, then Musk and his company may have to bear the brunt. Neuralink has also implanted this chip on a pig. Elon Musk wanted that by the year 2020, he would get the necessary approval to conduct trials on humans, although the project is running late by 2 years.


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