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Elon Musk in danger, Meta will bring Twitter’s competition app

Meta’s new app can be logged in via Instagram username and password. According to the report, work is being done on this right now.

meta Reportedly, a new app is about to be launched to compete with Twitter. This app will be based on ActivityPub, which is a decentralized social networking protocol. It is also used by Mastodon, which itself is a competitor of Twitter.

According to Moneycontrol’s report, Meta is working on a new app to share text-based content. This app has been given the P92 codename. According to the report, this upcoming app will be branded under Instagram. That is, Instagram users will be able to use this app by registering through their username and password.

Working on a new Meta app?

Let us tell you that Meta has accepted that it is working on a decentralized social networking protocol. According to Meta Spokesperson, the company is looking for a decentralized social network to share text updates. With this, creators and public figures can share their interest. At present, it is not known whether the development of Meta’s new app has started or not. According to the report, the work on this app is going on.

Meta’s new app will compete with Twitter

It is obvious that since the arrival of Elon Musk, Twitter is trying hard to maintain its user base. In such a situation, the new Meta app can increase the difficulties for Twitter even more. At the same time, Meta will also get its benefit. Let us tell you that when TikTok was banned in India, Instagram launched the Reels feature. This feature is most liked on Insta.

Features of P92 App

It has been said in the report that many great features will be available in P92. These will have the facility of clickable links, user profiles, images and videos and to like and follow other users. Although in its first version, whether users will be able to comment on others’ posts or not, it is not known at the moment.


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