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Elon Musk becomes ‘Bigg Boss’ of Twitter, Indian CEO Parag Agarwal expelled from the company!

Elon Musk has now become the ‘Big Boss’ of Twitter. After months of tussle between Twitter and Elon Musk, he has finally bought Twitter. The deal between the two parties has been completed and now Musk is the full owner of Twitter. It is reported that Musk has now fired Twitter CEO Parag Aggarwal from the Twitter office. Along with this, many other officers of the company have also come to the fore.

As soon as Twitter took over, Musk started making changes in the company. Musk has also fired Twitter CEO Parag Agarwal as well as CFO Ned Segal, general counsel Sean Edgett and legal policy, trust and security head Vijaya Gadde. There was tension between Parag Agarwal and Musk ever since the bidding for Twitter took place. Now all these people are reported to have left the office as soon as Musk stepped on Twitter. Washington Times confirmed this.

Musk went to the Twitter office with the sink a day ago

Musk appeared in Twitter’s office a day before the deal was completed. He had arrived with a sink in his hand. Everyone was surprised to see him like this. He also shared its video on his Twitter account. In the caption, he wrote, ‘Entering Twitter Headquarters, let it sink in.’ Not only this, before the close of the deal, he had also written ‘Chief Tweet’ in his profile, hinting at himself to become the Chief of Twitter.

Why did Musk buy Twitter?

Elon Musk has also given the reason for buying Twitter. He wrote, ‘Many speculations have been made about this, but most of them are wrong. I bought Twitter because culture requires a common digital town square. Where ideas can be debated in a healthy way, without any violence.
Musk also wrote on many other aspects, including advertisements that appear on Twitter. Musk said that the meaningless ads are like spam on the platform. But ads that have an important connection to something are actually important to the company as well. He said that the platform will no longer serve any headless material.

When, how, through what controversies did this deal go through?

Elon Musk and Twitter had a deal worth $ 44 billion (about Rs 35.1 trillion) in April this year. Musk put the deal on hold in May so that his team could investigate Twitter’s claim that the number of bot accounts or spam accounts on the platform was less than 5 percent. Then in June, he warned Twitter of violating the agreement that he could withdraw from the deal if the company did not provide data on spam accounts as he asked.

Twitter filed a lawsuit against Musk after Musk pulled out of it. Musk announced in early July the termination of the deal to buy Twitter, for which his team sent Twitter a letter informing about it. Musk decided to call off the deal because, according to him, the purchase agreement was violated multiple times.

At the same time, Twitter has maintained that it does not have more than 5 percent of its accounts run by software, which are not run by humans. While Musk continued to say that he thinks the number of bot accounts is more than 5 percent. Due to these bot accounts, Musk had said to withdraw his hand from this deal, after which the dispute between Twitter and Musk went on increasing.

After that, the discussion of this deal started heating up again in October. Musk changed his mind and suddenly agreed to complete the pending deal. According to the lawsuit filed by Twitter, the Delaware court had ordered the completion of the deal by October 28. At the same time, Musk had reached the Twitter office with Sync a day earlier and surprised everyone.

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