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Elon Musk advises US President Joe Biden to buy Tesla

Elon Musk, head of Billionaire and electric car maker Tesla, has given an interesting advice to US President Joe Biden. Biden informed about his plan to open charging stations for Electric Vehicles (EV) across America. After this Musk advised Biden to buy a Tesla car.

With the increase in the number of electric vehicles in the US, the need for charging stations is also increasing. Biden has announced that his government will open about half a million EV charging stations across the country. He told that the government will also bear the cost of making these stations in 35 states. However, no time limit or budget to be allocated has been given for this. Biden tweeted, “We are building nearly half a million charging stations across the country for electric vehicles. America’s road trip will be completely electrified.”

Musk then advised him, “You can only buy a Tesla.” Musk has been complaining before that his company The contribution of is being ignored. He also opposed government funding to subsidize charging stations for electric vehicles in the US. After this, Biden accepted Tesla’s contribution to manufacturing electric vehicles. “From legacy companies like General Motors and Ford to Tesla, our nation’s largest electric vehicle manufacturer, everyone is contributing to innovation,” he said. Along with this, he said that manufacturing is returning to America after decades.

Recently, Musk has once again cost had expressed its intention to manufacture cars with He said during the ongoing G-20 summit in Indonesia that he is considering a proposal to make Tesla’s low-cost model for markets like India and Indonesia. Earlier this year, the central government in India turned down Musk’s request for tax exemption on Tesla’s electric cars. There was strong opposition from the automobile industry in the country to give such tax exemption. The industry said that this would harm the companies manufacturing cars in the country.

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