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Electricity Meter: Know what is the work of these 3 lights installed in the electricity meter? Will never stay in the dark!

Prepaid Electricity Meter: There are different types of problems related to electricity meter. It is very difficult to know when the electricity meter works, but there are some indicators in it, which is very important for you to know. Governments are also now installing prepaid meters so that any kind of rigging in electricity bills can be avoided as well as people also pay their electricity usage money on time.

What are prepaid meters
Prepaid meters work exactly like prepaid mobiles. Just like prepaid mobile can be called from the phone only after recharging, similarly there are prepaid meters, these meters also have a number, which has to be recharged. As soon as the meter balance becomes zero, they cut off the light. 

Talking about the front of the prepaid meter, the name of the company at the top, LCD display below it and 3 LED lights are given below the display. The serial number is given below the keypad and the light equivalent to the LED light. 

The LED on the left side of the meter shows the credit status. This LED turns red when the meter has less credit than the credit limit. At the same time, this LED turns green when there is more credit than the credit limit. The by-default credit limit of meter is Rs.100. At the same time, the LED in the middle shows the tempering in the meter. At the same time, the right LED in the meter shows the meter calibration. Meaning if your meter is prepaid and the left side light is burning red in it, then the light of your house can go off at any time. So take care of him.

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