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Electricity generated from rocks, video going viral, read full news

Photo – Twitter @danielmarven

Delhi: Have you ever heard that electricity is being generated from a stone? Yes, everyone has heard that a spark used to come out of a stone. But now many such videos are shared on social media which surprise us. One such video is going viral on Twitter of Congo. It is being claimed that rocks found in Africa can generate electricity. That too so much that you can light a bulb with it. The claimants are even saying that the electricity problem of the entire continent can be overcome with it. But is it possible?

over 2.1 million views

South African businessman Daniel Marven shared this video with his @danielmarven account and has been watched by more than 2.1 million people so far. More than 41 thousand people have liked and about 11 thousand people have retweeted. It can be seen in the video that when two rocks collide, electric sparks come out and that too very fast. After this shocking claims are being made. Another video is also going viral, in which a man is seen lighting up an LED bulb by connecting wires to a small rock. African Archives also shared this on their Twitter.

A similar video also came in November last year

After that it was viewed more than 35 million times. But the question remains, can rocks generate electricity? Stuart Hazeldine, a professor at the University’s School of Geosciences, says he is extremely skeptical that rocks colliding could generate enough electricity to light a bulb. I’ve never seen anything like it geologically. The people who are holding onto the rocks from which the spark is coming out. He has gloves on his hands. There may be something hidden in them. Metallic products are good conductors and it is possible that the electricity passing through the glove itself may appear as a spark. Let us tell you that a similar video came in November last year as well, but it was shared from the Facebook page of the University of Morocco and it was written on it that it is Lithium.


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