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Electricity bill will start coming less than half! Make these changes in these 2 devices installed at home


New Delhi. Winter has started. In such a situation, now the power consumption will also start increasing. Because instead of AC, geyser and heater will be used. This is the reason why the electricity bill will also start increasing rapidly. Today we are going to give you some such tips, after which you can easily reduce the electricity bill of your house. Not only us but Tata Power also has to say so.

According to Tata Power, you should use the geyser before 10 am. Because at this time the load of the house is very less and running geyser does not make much difference. You should turn it off when you no longer need the geyser. The geyser continues to consume electricity even if it is running continuously, even if you leave it on and the geyser is not heating the water, but it consumes electricity continuously.

Electricity can also be saved by setting the thermostat in the geyser. According to Tata, you should set the Thermostat setting from 60 degrees to 50 degrees. Let us tell you, you can also take the help of an engineer to set the thermostat in the geyser. It is set in the geyser. Accordingly, any geyser heats the water. You can use Solar Water Heater instead of Electric Water Heater.

In winter, the maximum power consumption is followed by the heater. You should try that whenever you go out of the room, you should turn off the heater. Apart from this, the heater should be turned off after the room temperature becomes normal. Sometimes even after the room temperature is normal, we keep running the heater continuously. This consumes a lot of electricity. If you make these changes then power consumption can easily be reduced.

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