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Electricity bill will start coming down by 2 thousand! Just have to make these changes in the fridge

New Delhi. Due to the increase in the electricity bill, there is a lot of trouble. Sometimes some things are not even started for fear of emptying the pocket. Today we are going to tell you about some such things. With whom you can easily reduce the electricity bill of the house by half. Electricity companies are also issuing new notifications regarding this.

Information about many household items has been given on the official website of Tata Power. One such notification has been given regarding the refrigerator of the house. If you make these changes then the electricity bill of your house will be reduced significantly. According to the company, you should not open the refrigerator door continuously and set the thermostat to the medium cooling position. Also, the fridge should be kept slightly ahead of the wall.

You should not overload it while running the fridge. It also consumes more power. The fridge should always be kept ahead of the wall as it makes it easier for air to circulate. Your refrigerator and refrigerator should not be over-cooled. This also makes it difficult for air to circulate and also consumes more electricity. Also, you should also make sure that the shelf of your refrigerator is airtight.

Food and water should be covered while in the fridge. It is also very important to keep it in something that can release moisture. The door of the fridge should not be opened frequently. The door of the fridge should not be kept open excessively. Once cold air is released from the fridge, it takes a long time to restore it again. Avoid keeping hot food directly in the fridge. Doing this not only consumes more electricity, but also spoils the refrigerator.

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