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Electricity bill will not increase even after running AC throughout the day! Follow these great tips

New Delhi. The temperature is also increasing with each passing day. To keep himself cool in this scorching heat, he likes to keep the AC running all the time. Although the electricity bill does not increase, due to its tension, people are afraid to keep the AC on all the time. Today we are going to tell you about some such great tips, by adopting which you will be able to run AC day and night without worry and the electricity bill will not increase even then.

Do this work before turning on the AC

Before turning on the AC in your room, along with the door, all the windows of the room must also be closed. Put curtains on the windows too so that the room is not heated by sunlight during the day. While using AC, do not use electrical appliances, such as TV, fridge, etc., as they release a lot of heat. Turn off these devices before turning on the AC and if you have to use them, then turn them on again after the room cools down.

Don’t forget to turn on this device with AC

Whenever you run AC in your room, try to have the room fan on as well. Let us tell you that by doing this the AC air from the fan will reach every corner of the room and in this way you will not have to reduce the temperature of the AC very much. When you will not reduce the temperature of the AC too much, then the power consumption will be slightly less and it will be clearly visible in the electricity bill.

The setting of AC should be

Research has shown that about 6% electricity is saved for every degree of increase in temperature, that is, the lower you keep the temperature of your AC, the longer its compressor will work, due to which your electricity bill will increase. . So if you keep the AC running at its default temperature i.e. 24 degrees, then you can save up to 24% of electricity.

AC servicing will save electricity

To save on electricity bill, it is also very important to get AC servicing done from time to time. In fact, due to the accumulation of dirt in the ducts and vents of the AC, the AC has to work harder to deliver the cold air to the room. Removing the dirty filter and installing a new filter reduces the energy consumption of AC by 5-15%. Apart from this, by servicing the AC, it can also be saved from getting damaged and repaired.

By following these simple tips, you can reduce your electricity bill even after running AC throughout the day.

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