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Electricity bill will come down by half! Just put this small device in the socket of the house, the price is only 799 rupees

New Delhi. Be it winter time or summer time, the electricity bill always comes. Whether it is AC or heater, the electricity bill does come. Now the electricity bill comes so much that sometimes the budget goes up. In such a situation, people also start looking for jugaad to reduce the bill. Today we are telling you one such jugaad. There is a power saving device available on Amazon which reduces your electricity bill drastically and also keeps your budget. So let’s know about it.

Wellberg Power Saver 100% Save Electricity (Combo) Price: This device is available on Amazon. By the way, its price is Rs 1,999. It can be purchased for Rs 799 with 60 percent discount.

Features: This power saver machine is installed in the electrical system of your home or office. This reduces heat generation, amperage, or power consumption. It is a power saver machine that helps in cooling down the capacity of the electrical panel and power surges. This simply means that it reduces power consumption and lowers your electricity bill.

When this power machine is installed, it corrects the power factor. The power factor of any house should be 0.99. If it is more or less than this then this device will balance it. This is how the electricity bill gets reduced. It is very easy to use this machine. The best part is that this device stabilizes the voltage supply and protects the home appliances. All you have to do is plug this device into your home socket and you’re done.

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