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Electricity bill will be less than half, just this small device will have to be fitted with AC

New Delhi. Electricity bill is becoming a big problem in summer. Due to continuous running of AC, the electricity bill also starts touching the sky. Now you don’t need to worry any more. There are many such devices available in the market, which after fitting with AC, you can reduce the electricity bill. The company has made many claims about this device, today we are going to tell you about such claims-

You can easily buy MD Proelektra Power Saver from Flipkart. You can easily fit it with your AC. To buy this device, you have to search on Flipkart by the name of Electricity Saver. The MRP of Electricity Saver Device is Rs 800 and you can buy it for Rs 499 after 37% discount.

If you order it today from Flipkart, it will be delivered by August 29. Once delivered, you should check with the engineer before installing it. Because only this engineer will be able to tell whether you can get this device fitted with your AC or not. The company claims that as soon as it is installed, the electricity bill of your house will be reduced by less than half. Also, after installing it, the electrical goods also do not get spoiled quickly.

Electricity Saver can be used in both residential and commercial space. If it is told about its installation, then it can be connected with direct line. This device can be fitted with a direct line plug. It automatically starts working on Power Saver mode. But it must be connected with the main power plug.

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