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Electricity bill will be halved as soon as you remove one thing from the house, know this method

New Delhi. Electricity bill becomes a lot of trouble in summers. There are many reasons behind the high electricity bill. Also you have to take care of many things too. Today we are going to tell you about some such things, by using which you can save on electricity bill. By making some changes in the house, the electricity bill of your house can be reduced by about 3 thousand rupees. So let’s also tell you about this-

Make changes in AC-

If the electricity bill in the house is high, then one of the main reasons behind it is AC. If the electricity bill of your house is high due to AC, then first of all you should pay attention to AC. If you have normal AC installed in your house, then you can get Inverter AC installed. The advantage of Inverter AC is that it reduces power consumption significantly. Companies claim that by installing an inverter AC, the electricity bill can be reduced by 25-40%.

Let’s assume that now the electricity bill of your house comes to 10 thousand rupees, then after installing inverter AC, it will start coming down by 2500-3 thousand rupees. But for this you have to change the AC immediately. If you do not get the AC replaced, the bill will remain the same. Now companies are also giving good PCB warranty. For 5 years you don’t have to worry about the PCB of Inverter AC. AC companies have now also brought an app, with these apps, the problem of AC can also be easily detected.

kitchen fireplace-

If the fireplace in the kitchen also starts consuming a lot of electricity, then you should look for some other ventilation place instead. Because even by using the chimney continuously, the electricity bill starts increasing rapidly. Also, kitchen smoke does not come out fast from this. You can also consult an engineer to replace the kitchen chimney with another device.

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