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Electricity bill starts coming down as soon as you install Inverter AC? Knowing this truth will change your thinking too

New Delhi. There are many types of ACs available in the market right now. There are mainly two types of AC, Inverter and Non-Inverter. Inverter AC is being discussed a lot these days. While some customers like Non-Inverter AC. We go to buy AC in the market but we do not know which AC is best for us. Today we are going to tell you in detail about both Inverter and Non-Inverter AC.

First we talk about Non-Inverter AC, it simply means that whose compressor motor stops completely after some time and later starts itself. That is, the outdoor unit shuts down completely and starts again. This is the oldest variant, before all AC Non-Inverter used to come. If it is compared with Inverter AC, then it consumes a little more power. Whereas Inverter AC consumes much less power in comparison.

Now let’s talk about Inverter AC, PCB is installed in the outdoor of Inverter AC, its job is that it does not allow the compressor motor to shut down. Whereas the compressor can slightly increase or decrease the efficiency of the motor. Now because the AC does not turn off at all, that is, the outdoor unit is not turned off at all, due to this the power consumption also reduces significantly. Because once the compressor trips and starts again, it consumes more power.

It is generally believed that the life of these non-inverter ACs is longer. Whereas the life of Inverter AC is short. There is some truth in this too but with the passage of time the technology has evolved a lot, so the company is giving 5 years warranty of the PCB. That is, you do not have to spend any expenditure in getting PCB repair done for 5 years.

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