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Electricity bill increased in summer? These 3 ways will reduce bills up to 50%, will save a lot of money!

Huge amount in this era of rising inflation Electricity Bill Due to this, we are worried, on one hand the electricity bill comes very less in winter, while the electricity bill increases manifold during the summer season. But today we are going to tell you 3 working methods with the help of which you can reduce the electricity bill by 50%. Let us know what are the things that you should follow.

Air Conditioner
If it is the summer season, then Window AC or Split AC has started running in the house, but if you are trying to reduce the electricity bill, then you should run the temperature at 24 degrees only. Apart from this, no matter how good and expensive your AC may be, it can stop giving you the feeling of cold air, that is, the cooling may be reduced, due to which you can run the AC for a long time.

If you want to avoid this problem of running AC for a long time, then keep cleaning your AC Filters every week. Dirty AC filters block the flow of air which will result in less cooling and then you may have to leave the AC running for a long time. If you are thinking of getting a new AC, then to save electricity, you should buy only the AC model with higher rating and bring it home.

Solar Energy
India is a country where there is sunshine for about 300 days in a year or let’s say it is hot which can be said to be a good thing. This is because if it is sunny, you can get solar panels installed on the roof of the house, this is a one-time investment that will help reduce your electricity bill in the long run. Before taking a solar panel, you can do research and buy it online or offline according to you.

If your electricity bill is also high, then you can buy LED lights to reduce power consumption or such electrical home appliances which come with higher ratings. By doing this also you will see a big difference in your electricity bill.

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