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Electricity bill even 1 rupee will not come for 25 years by installing it, see what is the plan

Solar Rooftop Subsidy Yojana : The central government across the country is paying special attention to the electricity generated from sunlight i.e. Solar Energy for the sources of energy. Now a lot of emphasis is being laid on alternative sources of energy apart from conventional sources. Let us tell you that by the year 2030, the government has set a target of producing 40% of the electricity from solar energy. The government has set a target to generate 100 GW of electricity from solar power by the end of this year, out of which 40 MW will be generated from rooftop solar panels. Now the government is also providing subsidy facility to install solar panels on the roofs of the houses.

Sell Electricity 
You can take advantage of subsidy by installing solar panels at low cost. Central and state governments are giving you the option of good subsidy for this. With the installation of solar panels, the tension of electricity bill ends. On the other hand, this scheme is also giving you a chance to earn money. If the solar panel installed on the roof of the house produces more electricity than it needs, then electricity distribution companies can buy it from you.

Cost will be recovered in two and a half years 
Generally it is seen that 2-4 K Solar Panel is enough for a house. With this, things like 2-4 Fan, 1 Fridge, 6-8 LED lights, 1 AC, 1 water motor and TV can run. Let’s say your roof is 1000 square feet. If solar panels are installed in 500 square feet, then the capacity of this plant will be 4.6 kW. In this, the total expenditure will be Rs 1.88 lakh, which will be reduced to Rs 1.26 lakh after subsidy. By meeting all the needs of the same house with solar panels, you will save about Rs 4,232 in electricity bill every month. 50,784 will be saved in a year. That is, in two and a half years your entire cost will be gone.

apply for subsidy 
If you install 2 KW solar panels, then it will cost Rs 1.20 lakh. A subsidy of up to 40% is available from the government for installing solar rooftop panels up to 3 KW. In such a situation, your cost will come down to Rs.72 thousand. The government will give you a subsidy of Rs 48,000. To install Solar Rooftop, you have to apply on its official website

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