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Electric version of 50 year old Luna moped will come soon, company announced

If you thought that gone are the days when one thought about buying a Luna moped, you are wrong! In fact, Kinetic Engineering, the company that made Luna, announced on Monday that it will soon introduce Luna in the market and this time it will be introduced as an electric moped.

The company said in a regulatory filing, “Exactly 50 years ago, Kinetic Engineering Limited created automobile history by launching the Luna. It was priced at Rs 2000 at that time, making it the best, cheapest and easiest ride in India.”

Electric version of Electric Luna will come like this

Electric-Luna will soon be launched by its subsidiary Kinetic Green Energy & Power Solutions. The company said that KEIL has developed all major sub-assemblies for the e-Luna, including the Luna’s chassis, stand, side stand and swing arm, and has built a production line with a capacity of 5000 sets per month.

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KEL has invested over Rs 3 crore to upgrade its paint shop and press and fabrication shops. Ajinkya Firodia, MD, Kinetic Engineering Ltd. said, “We are extremely proud to have made all the major assemblies and be a part of this legacy! Luna has a record sales of over 2000 units per day. Will do very well.”


Luna Moped


He also added that the company expects e-Luna to generate annual revenue of Rs 30 crore in the next 2-3 years.

First moped came in 1972

The Kinetic Luna was a 50 cc moped introduced by Kinetic Engineering in India in 1972. Although it continues to be produced and sold in India, it is now rarely seen on Indian roads. The original 1972 Luna was a licensed copy of the Piaggio Ciao moped. It has since been updated by Kinetic until the end of production in the early 2000s.


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