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Electric vehicles will be cheaper than manufacturing lithium batteries in India

The sales of Electric Vehicles (EV) have increased in the country in the last few years. However, due to the high price of EVs, they are out of reach for most of the people. Goa’s Power Minister Sudin Dhavalikar said that once the manufacturing of lithium batteries in the country starts, the prices of EVs can be almost halved.

After distributing the subsidy to the buyers of electric vehicles, he said that the tender for setting up of charging stations in Goa would be floated in the next two weeks. He said that after installation of charging stations, any kind of EV Charging will be easy. Dhavalikar said, “Lithium batteries are not manufactured in the country. Once the batteries are manufactured, the price of EVs will come down.” Mobile phones were imported from other countries at higher cost but due to their manufacturing in India, the prices have come down.

On manufacturing of Lithium Batteries in the country, the cost of EV price may decrease by more than 40 percent. 100 charging stations for EVs to be commissioned in Delhi in the next two months. These charging stations will be in partnership with private firms. For this land will be given by the Delhi government. The equipment and manpower in the charging station will be provided by a private firm. They will also have the facility to replace the battery. Recently, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had said, “Earlier the battery replacement points and charging stations were separate but now they have been brought together.”

Most of the charging stations are being opened in metro stations, so that people will be able to leave their electric vehicles at the charging stations and go to the metro and in return they will get the vehicle with charging. It will cost 7 paise per kilometer for two-wheeler charging, 8 paise per kilometer for three-wheeler and 33 paise per kilometer for car. It is much cheaper than other fuel options. Electric vehicle policy was introduced in Delhi about two years back. It aims to increase the share of EVs in the total vehicle sales in the capital to around 25 per cent by 2024.

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