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Electric vehicles will be banned in this country, severe lack of energy has spoiled the game

Switzerland is considering banning EVs during the energy shortage during winter.

Electric vehicle Electric vehicle is being promoted all over the world. But there is also a country where there is talk of banning electric vehicles. That country is Switzerland which may be the first country in the world to do so.

In fact, to avoid energy shortage in winter, he is considering banning electric vehicles. Electricity is supplied in Switzerland from the neighboring countries of France and Germany. This year, France and Germany themselves are facing energy shortage, due to which Switzerland may have problems in the supply of natural gas.

As the war between Russia and Ukraine continues since February, the possibility of gas shortage in European countries has increased. For the first time in decades, France has to meet its needs by importing energy.

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The Swiss Federal Electricity Commission said in June this year that there could be problems with the supply of solar energy in winter. Due to non-availability of electricity from French nuclear power generation, the risk of energy crisis in the country may increase.

According to Switzerland’s agency elcom, electric vehicle charging can be banned in Switzerland due to lack of electricity. This step can be taken to save electricity in cities. The agency plans to allow charging of electric vehicles only for essential travel.

Switzerland’s Energy Agency has come up with a four-step plan to reduce energy use. Due to the increase in energy demand in winter, the electricity agency of Switzerland had to take this step. Winter in Europe is very cold due to which the demand for energy increases.

How serious the problem of energy has taken in European countries, it can be easily understood from this example. Switzerland has said that the situation of banning electric vehicles can prove to be a one-time step.


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