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Electric Vehicles Ban: This country is preparing to ban electric vehicles, know the reason

Countries around the world are troubled by the pollution caused by vehicles. That’s why most countries are focusing on electric vehicles. But there is also a country in the world where preparations are being made to ban electric vehicles. We are giving information about that country in this news. Along with this, they are also telling why electric vehicles are being banned there.

Which country will be banned

According to media reports, Switzerland is considering banning electric vehicles across the country in winter. If electric vehicles are banned in the country, then it will be the first country in the world where EVs will be banned.

why can ban

According to media reports, Switzerland is a country where the temperature becomes extremely low during the winter season. Heavy snowfall also occurs in many areas across the country. Due to which the power supply also gets affected there. Considering the possibility of power shortage, a ban on electric vehicles is being considered in the country.

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The country is dependent on other countries for electricity

Electricity is supplied in Switzerland from countries like France, Germany. Most European countries experience heavy snowfall during winter. In such a situation, the consumption of electricity also increases in those countries. But this year some European countries themselves are facing power problems. In such a situation, there is less hope that sufficient quantity of electricity can be supplied to Switzerland from other countries.

There is also trouble due to Russia-Ukraine

The war between Russia and Ukraine has been going on since the beginning of the year 2022. Due to which gas shortage is also happening in European countries. From these two countries, the entire Europe is supplied with gas and other essential goods. But due to the war between the two, all types of supplies are affected, including the supply of gas. In European countries, gas is used to generate electricity in winter to keep homes warm.


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