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Electric Vehicle: Electric two wheeler money will be recovered in 3 years, buy a vehicle with this planning

World EV Day 2022: World Electric Vehicle Day is made on 9 September all over the world. The number of EVs in the Indian market is increasing rapidly. Because of this, now many small and big companies have jumped into this business. However, there were cases of fire in these vehicles during the summer time. Since then, customers are hesitant to buy these vehicles. Apart from this, one of the main reasons is that the price of these vehicles is high. Electric car is still out of reach of common man. On the other hand, there has been a reduction in the price of electric two-wheelers. It is also not more expensive than the petrol two-wheeler. If you think about these vehicles in the long term, then they are cheaper than petrol vehicles.

Here is the complete math

We will tell you how you can save with an electric two-wheeler. For this, you have to compare the unit cost of EV charging and the cost of petrol. Petrol car is expensive because you always have to put petrol in it. Whereas in an electric two-wheeler, you only have to pay the cost of charging. In this news, we will tell you how an electric two-wheeler is cheaper than a petrol vehicle. 

1. Suppose you buy an electric two-wheeler worth Rs 1 lakh. 
2. It takes about 2 units to fully charge the EV. 
3. If the value of 1 unit of electricity in your city is Rs.8, then you will have to spend Rs.16 a day accordingly. 
4. In this way your expenditure in a month will be around Rs 480. 
5. Accordingly, Rs 5760 will be spent in a year. 
6. If you spend 100 rupees daily in a petrol vehicle, then 3000 rupees will be spent in the month. 
7. In this way a petrol vehicle will cost Rs 36,000 in a year.
8. Now if Rs 5760 of EV is deducted from Rs 36,000 of petrol vehicle, then there is a saving of about Rs 30,000 in a year. 
9. Accordingly, you can recover 1 lakh rupees in 3 years 2 months.
10. Apart from this, let us tell you that companies are giving a warranty of up to 50 thousand kilometers or 5 years on the battery of EV.  

Battery discharge tension!

Many people do not even want to buy an electric two-wheeler because of the tension of charging in it. Let us tell you that nowadays companies are putting such batteries in two-wheeler EVs, which can be run for 80 to 100 km on a single charge. 

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