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Electric Cycle: Up to 63 percent discount on battery cycle, will run 80 km in 3 hours of charging


Bumper discount on electric bicycle.Image Credit source: Amazon

Do bicycle pedals make you tired? Don’t worry because there are many great electric bicycles available in the market. This cycle runs on battery, and gives good range. If you are also thinking of buying a new e-cycle, then this is a great opportunity. Great offers are available on online marketplace Flipkart. Up to 63 percent discount will be available on purchasing a new electric bicycle. Let us see the details of these offers.

Many brands on Flipkart electric bicycle Are selling. From here you can avail discount of several thousand rupees. See here 5 offers available on e-commerce platforms.

Discount offers on E-Cycles

Urban Terrain Bolton Electric Cycle: There is a discount of 63 percent on this electric bicycle. You can buy Urban Terrain Bolton e-cycle worth Rs 65,000 for only Rs 23,999. It gets fully charged in 4 hours, and will cover a distance of about 35 kilometers in one go.

Urban Terrain Electric Cycle Flipkart

Flipkart offer on e-cycle. (Credit: Flipkart)

CRADIAC TUNGSTEN VOLTCRUZE: This electric bicycle can be purchased with 61 percent discount. It will take 4 hours to get fully charged. This e-cycle will travel a distance of 32 kilometers in a single charge. Its original price on Flipkart is Rs 66,000, but you can buy it for Rs 25,299.

LEADER E-Power L6: You can buy this electric bicycle for Rs 27,999 instead of Rs 60,000. You will get 53 percent discount. It also charges in 4 hours, and once charged it can cover a distance of about 26 kilometers.

TechNolt Super 30 Model Electric Bicycle: This electric bicycle is available at a discount of 47 percent. Flipkart is selling it for only Rs 24,999 instead of Rs 48,000. The e-cycle will take 2 hours to charge and will run about 55 kilometers on full charge.

DMW ELECTRA: DMW Electra Cycle is available for only Rs 35,000 instead of Rs 65,000. 46 percent discount will be available on electric bicycles. It will take 3 hours to charge it. Once fully charged, this e-cycle will cover a distance of 80 kilometers.



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