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Electric cars printed on a 3D printer go to Russia

A small Chinese-made electric car called XEV YOYO has been certified in Russia. These cars are not assembled, but printed on a 3D printer.

XEV was founded by the former President of JAC Italy Design Center Low Tick. The company’s research center is located in China, as well as a factory where cars are actually printed on high-tech 3D printers.

The first XEV YOYO was released in 2018, and last year the model appeared on the European market at a price of 13.9 thousand euros. Its dimensions were 2495 x 1500 x 1555 mm with a wheelbase of 1680 mm. Inside fit two passengers, there is also 180 liters of luggage space.

On the rear axle is an electric motor with a peak power of 20 hp, a top speed of 80 km/h and a range of up to 150 km thanks to three replaceable batteries with a combined capacity of 10.3 kWh.

Electric cars printed on a 3D printer go to Russia

In Paris, motorists were shown an updated version of the XEV YOYO 2023 model year. Improved design, added a new body color and facilitated the process of replacing batteries. It is expected that XEV will soon develop a network of battery replacement stations in Europe.

The Russian Vehicle Type Approval states that the vehicle is equipped with ABS, air conditioning, power windows and a sunroof. The “Russian” YOYO will be produced by Shandong Lichi New Energy Automobile.

Electric cars printed on a 3D printer go to Russia

According to OTTS, the first batch of XEV YOYO for Russia will be 150 pieces. The distributor of Peugeot scooters in Russia, Quattro Motors Rus, will be engaged in the implementation. What will be the price is still unknown.

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